Become a Cycle Winchester member

All of our members share the same benefits, but we invite you to contribute at a level according to your means. Membership is free-of-charge for those experiencing genuine hardship, i.e. in receipt of unemployment or disability benefits.

Level Price  
£5/year supporter £5.00 per Year. Select
£10/year supporter £10.00 per Year. Select
£20/year supporter £20.00 per Year. Select
Unwaged supporter Free. Select

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Why should I become a member of Cycle Winchester?

It’s a donation. Let’s be frank: we’re asking you do do this to help us continue our campaign. Organising events such as Mass Rides, printing promotional materials, and paying for our affiliation with Cycling UK all cost money. These are not huge amounts, and no-one gets paid for doing this. But we’d be glad to know that we can continue doing what we do without funding worries. You’ll also become a voting member of Cycle Winchester, so you can attend our AGM, vote out the officers if you don’t like what we’re doing, or propose changes to the constitution. All the usual stuff.

Local bike shop discounts. Cycle Winchester has negotiated discounts with local bike shops, including:

Discounted Cycling UK membership. You’ll be eligible for discounted affiliate membership of Cycling UK (currently £28/year versus the full membership rate of £48/year). That in turn gives you third-party liability insurance while riding a bike, and access to various retail discounts. Full details here.